who, me? my name’s ali. i’m 26 years old.


ok, i lied. my name is really alissandra, but everyone calls me ali. i enjoy food and cooking, travel, writing, culture, running, the beach and sunny weather, eating and being healthy, music, friends and family, and living near NYC…. i moved in with my boyfriend, Lu, in january 2013 and love to write about our adventures and the food i cook for us.

what the heck is vegetables and vampires?

  • in 2008, i became vegan for two years and now, i’m a pescatarian (no meat, only fish) that mainly eats vegetarian… vegetables.
  • i was obsessed with buffy the vampire slayer in middle school and always credit many of my quirky personality traits to that show….. vampires.

together, that’s vegetables and vampires.

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