The bread at Thirty Acres and a selfie

This week, I tried out Thirty Acres finally in Jersey City. I had heard a lot about this restaurant and their website is definitely chicly minimalist – in truly hipster fashion. I mean come on – their restaurant website is a TUMBLR!

The limited wine list was perfect, considering I went for the cheapest glass of wine, a Californian Syrah, and it was one of the best glasses of wine I’ve had in a while.

The food was small portioned – and by small portioned, I mean normal people portion. We shared the branzino and fettucini nero and started off with the cucumber pickles and lobster sauced asparagus. The best part: the bread. OMG. I never really get excited over bread (unless it’s of the crusty whole wheat/raisin variety – that really gets my juices flowin’). Lu and I ordered 3 baskets!!

Verdict: if you find yourself in Jersey City, go to Thirty Acres and at the very least… order a glass of wine and the bread.






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