shrimp fried rice (NOT takeout!)

ok I’ll admit it… sometimes, I impress myself. tonight, I done did it again! as I was walking back into my apartment today after work, someone was delivering Chinese food next door and the aromas from the takeout flew right into my nostrils and immediately I knew I was destined for fried rice. instead of spending money on overpriced, subpar Chinese food, I opened my fridge and realized that I had everything necessary for a HEALTHY shrimp fried rice with veggies.

this was an incredibly flavorful dish with fresh, whole ingredients and little oil.  some sesame oil, soy sauce, scrambled eggs, brown rice made and then lightly sauteed, broccoli, onions, red peppers, and shrimp…. mixed all together in the end and served hot… NOTHING is better than shrimp fried rice. I’m all about healthy eating and Italian food, but sometimes you just need hangover food when you’re not even hungover.

best news: TOMORROW’S FRIDAY! 



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