in honor of National Running Day……..

Did you know that it’s National Running Day? I didn’t, until a got an e-mail blast from Fleet Street of Hoboken (my go-to nearby running store for Gu and water belts and such). Immediately, I became excited and started looking through all of my old half marathon (Rock n Roll Chicago 2012) and marathon (Nike Women’s Marathon 2012 in San Francisco) running pictures.





Right away, I became sad. I haven’t been running since about January because of some patella syndrome/tendinitis I’ve had in my knee ever since I ran the marathon. I’ve tried to run a few long runs and honestly, anything over 2.5 miles, I have to stop. I ran a 10k about a month ago and my knee just started throbbing on mile 3 and I had to walk/run the next 3ish miles.

Ever since I realized I shouldn’t be running and I should be resting my knee, it’s been real depressing. Other runners can understand – there’s nothing like seeing a person, striding strong, looking like they’re 6 miles deep and wishing you were doing the same.

I’ve been trying to get slowly back into running, but I’m always afraid after 3 runs that I’m “overdoing” it. Forget that. Instead, I’m going to start making a better effort at preparing myself for running – icing, stretching and taking the time to eating more clean (I do eat clean, but occasionally I’ll devour a box of chocolate Teddy Grahamas – ie last night).

There’s honestly no better physical feeling (orgasms aside) than running long distance. Pushing your body to maintain a pace when you’re on the 11th or 12th mile is so invigorating. I miss those “easy 6-7 mile runs” and my early morning NYC runs when training for my marathon. I want that back. I also want that body back, feeling strong and healthy and good all the time.

So sorry Lu, you’ll have to listen to me bitch about my knee, but hopefully, if I do it right this time, I’ll be OK.

Lace up and go for a run tonight! 


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