rainy monday and a weekend recap

ughhhhh. there’s NOTHING worse than having to return to workmode on a monday when it’s raining! no wait, yes there is – returning to workmode on a monday when it’s raining and you didn’t bring an umbrella – yes, that’s worse!

this weekend was full of a random mishmosh of activities. friday, Lu and I went to this little pier in Jersey City and did a quick 30 minute (supposed to be 45 minute but we couldn’t take it any longer) workout with the Nike Training App on my iPhone. let me tell you, it’s a TOUGH workout – basically squats, lunges, burpees, mountain climbers and all of that crazy stuff for 30 minutes straight. the app is great, it guides you through everything, so no complaints there. needless to say, walking has been difficult the past two days. after that, I cooked a spirals dish (I didn’t take pictures, sorry!) – just yellow squash spirals, shrimp, olives, asparagus in a garlic olive oil sauce topped with parmesan. simple and yummy! after that, Lu’s brother and sister-in-law came over and we sat downstairs at our pool at the tables outside (with a cool firepit!) and drank some wine. really nice relaxing evening!

saturday morning we went to do some work at the Starbucks near us… very productive morning, put in about 3.5 – 4 hours. Lu went on a bike ride with a friend who was visiting and I made lunch and relaxed for a bit, did some more work. after that, we went downstairs and sat in these comfortable big couches on our pool deck and read with Lu for a bit. such a nice way to spend your afternoon.


after that, we went to visit Lu’s friends who just moved in literally 2 blocks away in this amazing brownstone with this neat outdoor space. met up with Scott and Katie there also. it was nice to meet some more of Lu’s friends and happy to have some cool neighbors! after that, we walked over to Satis and had a “light” dinner… some sangria, champagne, burrata, all the good stuff… came back to the apartment, watched Dark Skies .. biggest mistake of the weekend – SO SCARY, I made Lu sleep with the lights on.


Sunday was nice – we woke up and again did some work at Starbucks, only for a couple hours and then Edgar and his friend Crystal came over and we laid by the pool for a couple hours. after that, we went to The Light Horse Tavern and had some brunch – my cod burger was fantastic and the bloody mary really hit the spot. right after that, we said goodbye to Edgar and Crystal and I drove to Whitehouse Station, NJ and celebrated my grandfather’s 80th birthday at The Ryland Inn. I bought everyone corny Happy Birthday necklaces, which I placed on the place settings before everyone arrived (hehe!) good times with the family…… my sister drove my car back to NYC (stopping on the way to pick up Lu) and then Lu drove us back to Jersey City (boyfriend of the year award!) and we passed out…..


Happy Monday! 


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