iphone weekend recap

before we get started, look at these neat pics. the first is a shot outside my office on a nice friday afternoon – see the cruise ship? the second picture is of my apartment building!



k, let’s talk the weekend. it’s sunday now….. waiting for the most delicious food to arrive: CHINESE. mmmmmmmmmm.

friday night we went to satis bistro right near our place with a bottle of wine and had dinner and most importantly, a cheese plate. it’s okay though, I spent an hour on the elliptical beforehand.

saturday morning I met my friend Nicole in Hoboken and we did a spinathon for Relay For Life. it was really cool – the music was awesome and the bikes were on the pier, overlooking the city. definitely a fun, different workout.



afterwards, we had brunch at La Bouche. missed that little place. I came back home to Lu and we just laid around and hung out until 6ish when we went into the city to watch the Knicks game with Edgar at the Ainsworth Park in Union Square. I really liked it there – had 3 seats at the bar and drank and ate… after that, we went to the SoHo Grand Hotel and had some drinks and met up with 2 other girls.

that bring us to sunday. got out of bed around 10:30, went over to Wonder Bagels, which I had heard great things about – and it’s true, they make delicious breakfast sandwiches. we also discovered this neat organic market that also has breakfast, lunch and dinner – can’t wait to try it! it’s exciting to live in a new city and discover new spots. since then, we’ve literally just been laying around, watching tv, watching the Rangers game now, and working on some stuff.

our microwave broke a month or so ago when Lu tried to microwave a hard boiled egg. SO, I discovered that if you break open a microwaveable bag of popcorn and dump the kernels in a sautee pan with olive oil – the kernels will POP. I felt like a caveman that made fire for the first time. groundbreaking.

love rainy sundays where you do nothing but nurse your hangover. enjoy the last remaining hours of your weekend, everyone…


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