Roasted Asparagus Salad with Basil Pesto Vinaigrette

This picture really doesn’t do this salad justice, but I wanted to post it anyway.


I get a lot of inspiration from the restaurants I eat at. Whenever I look at a menu, I sort of make my own dishes in my head – and I usually end up ordering that way, which is both a waiter’s and a chef’s worst nightmare.

Me: “Can I have the salmon? But without the garlic-herb butter… can I have the pesto that comes on the scallops? And instead of the rice can I do the roasted beet salad appetizer – just a smaller portion?”

My point is that when Lu and I went to Bistro La Source last Friday, we had this bomb market salad that had some sort of basil vinaigrette – I don’t have that refined of a palette, but I know what basil tastes like and there was some sort of basil in that vinaigrette and it was nice and citrusy.

I’ve been craving that dressing for a week. So, last night, I opened my fridge, knew I had to use basil I had bought earlier in the week and I created this salad.

photo (3)


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