mother’s day and lots of cheese plates

this weekend can be summed up by two things:

  • cheese plates
  • mother’s day

friday after work, walking back to my building, I saw the coolest thing – it’s hard to explain, but a cruise ship rolled by and just the view was really cool – looked like the ship was much bigger than it actually is.

photo (2)

friday evening, lu and i chilled in, because I was running a 10k on saturday morning. we went to a new restaurant called Bistro La Source in jersey city. the food was really good – I wasn’t thrilled by the clams, but the chatham cod, spanish mackerel crostini and the market salad was AMAZEBALLS. that pesto vinaigrette was fresh and delicious. had a cheese plate. also, from where I sat, you could see the freedom tower all lit up. you know, THE tallest building in the WESTERN HEMISPHERE.

photo (3)

saturday morning I got up at 6:30am and ran the Newport 10k with my cousin Sara. it was POURING at the beginning of the race, which reminded me of my marathon, because it spritzed a bit then too. I don’t mind running in the rain, actually – except long distances, because your shoes get wet and you get blisters! the course was so nice and flat.. I’d definitely run it next year, especially when my knee’s in a bit better shape.

photo (4)

photo (5)


after the race, Sara and I met up with her husband James and their 2 little boys…. so nice to see my cousins, they only live 25 minutes away, but life gets a hold of you and it’s hard to meet up. they came up to my apartment, saw the place, met Lu and then we all walked over to Amelia’s for brunch, where we scarfed down some food.

after brunch, I passed out on the couch, took an hour or two nap and Lu went for a quick run. after that, we chilled and watched the most ridiculous storm roll through – it was like a white cloud just overtook jersey city, and we watched it all from the 30th floor, so it looked incredible. if you follow me on vine, you can see the video. pretty neat.

then, like the true nerd I am, we went to barnes & noble and I did some cookbook research. after a couple hours there, we came back home and sat at the bar at Light Horse Tavern and had a feast, including yet another cheese plate. ordered a bottle of wine and enjoyed the evening together.

woke up in a cheese coma and got ready, picked my sister and her boyfriend up from the PATH station and drove us all to Bville for a Mother’s Day celebration. lots of mimosas. part of my gift to my mother was that I said I’d cook brunch for everyone (Lu, my parents, Felicia and her bf, and my grandparents). so, I made spinach and goat cheese fritattas with pesto and home fries/potatoes. everyone loved it.

after devouring food, there were some ping pong matches going on and some hitting of golf balls outside. it was a nice day…. great to celebrate the most amazing woman/mother out there. after we dropped my sister off  at the PATH station, Lu and I mustered up the energy to do grocery shopping for the week and went hog wild.

photo (1)


came back, made some sandwiches, ate a pint of ice cream and PASSED THE EFF OUT.

very difficult to get out of bed today. happy monday!! 


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