boiled plantains and cinco de mayo

friday was nice. relaxed and went to the movies with lu to see “Oblivion.” survey says, save your money. but it was good friday night entertainment.

woke up refreshed on saturday and lu and I went to Marco & Pepe’s for brunch… got to gaze at this handsome guy for an hour:


after that, we went to Starbucks to get some work done for a couple hours. THEN we went on a 6 mile run throughout JC and Hoboken… it was lovely. my calves are KILLING ME. but good news, no knee pain! I iced and I think that does the trick – and stretching of course. after that, we made lunch and I went to the mall real quickly and then we headed down to the LES for this bar opening – one of lu’s friends opened a bar, which was really cool inside – awesome hand soap dispensers in the bathroom, to boot. ended up at some apartment party and then went home circa 2am.

sunday morning, woke up hungover – surprise, surprise! lu was having his friend Rob over to help him with this big project (me too!), so he made breakfast…. he made toast and boiled some plantains. thinks he misses his mom, which is so gawsh darn cute, dontchya think? Italians aren’t big breakfast people, but apparently Puerto Ricans are, so we adapt….


then, we went to Starbucks across the street and laid out on a bench and drank some coffee and watched all the people walk by… it was a lovely day out.


after helping Rob, we all headed into the city for some Cinco de Mayo celebration in honor of Lu’s friend Edgar – ha, just kidding – who doesn’t love celebrating Mexican independence?! awesome restaurant, neat spot and GREAT wild mushroom tacos, like – DELICIOSO.


after that, we headed to some bar nearby in the west village area – then lu and I peaced out, ordered some gross Chinese takeout and went to bed.

HAPPY MONDAY! it’s a big week…. lots to do at work, lots of plans… and a 10k run this saturday in JC which I impulsively signed up for at work today…. dragged my sister and cousin into it…. ENJOY YOUR WEEKS, my loves.


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