wow, it’s been a while! what, a week? keeping focused on other things, like work (womp womp!)

Napa is beautiful, I can’t wait to go to Sonoma for Memorial Day weekend (going there with my best girlfriends!)…. just breathtaking vineyards and wine everywhere you look. we ate at some great restaurants,  had some fantastic desserts…. driving back to San Francisco, I started going through my “california depression” mode…. I reaaaaally need to end up out there at some point.



was supposed to fly to Palm Springs Saturday morning but plans changed and we ended up staying in Jersey City… which was a godsend… had a very productive weekend… went shopping in Flemington, NJ… on the way back, had dinner at my parents’ place, where my dad grilled up a striped bass he had caught in the Raritan River the day before… I made cauliflower rice (which was a hit!) we went to a barbecue in Warren, NJ with a bunch of his friends…. that was nice.


Sunday… we started the day off with a spin class at RushCycling in Hoboken (for me and Christina) and tennis (for Lu and his brother) and ended up at The Turning Point for a Hoboken brunch… deliciousness… did some work at Starbucks and headed to IKEA. we made our hopefully last trip and finally got decorations for above our bed (I think we need a few other knicknacks but Lu’s satisfied), new stools that are counter-height instead of bar-height (what a difference!!)

I’m off to Miami for work tomorrow and then Westchester on Friday but other than that, I’m a free lady! I’ll be posting up a recipe tonight, going to make super healthy shrimp & veggie lettuce wraps =)




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