springtime’s for shagging

at wake forest, we celebrated springtime with an event called “shag on the mag” and all the t-shirts for the event included the tagline “springtime’s for shagging.” thanks for letting me reminisce.

let’s get to the weekend. friday night lu and I went to Orale MK in jersey city…. had some great Mexican. lu enjoyed some sangria and for me, a couple glasses of tempranillo (really loving that stuff these days).

saturday was VERY productive. I “strong armed” lu into doing a RushCycling class in Hoboken with me. it’s basically a spin class in this really cool loft space, but the stationary bikes also swerve to the side. really neat concept and definitely a great workout. definitely going to go back. after that, we had brunch at The Turning Point along the water… came back to the jc, got ready and went out to FINALLY buy an arm chair for our apartment…. lu’s been really wanting to convert this little corner in our living room to a zen spot to do things like blog, write, read, and enjoy our view of the statue of liberty! home goods, $199, done and DONE! what do you think?




after the successful trip, we came back and watched a VICE documentary (really great HBO series, you should check it out)…. basically after that, we decided to stay in… on our way to go buy a bottle of wine, circa 8:30pm, we got a second wind and we decided to go out (his friends had invited him and i to dinner in the city)…. rushed in and had a great japanese meal at EN Brasserie in the west village…. lots of sake, lots of food, it was great! after that, we headed to Marc Forgione restaurant for some drinks… 2:30am, we rushed to make the PATH, missed it and took a cab back to jersey city (ALWAYS a great idea at the time, ALWAYS a bad idea when you wake up and realize you spent $65 on a cab ride… merde!)

so here we are…. sunday. it’s a gorgeous day and I’m enjoying catching up on some things… went to Marco & Pepe for brunch and then lu had to run into the city to do some work with some friends…. going to go now and enjoy the weather!


what do you think?

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