work week – boston, miami and CT

I’m going to be pretty M-I-A this week, due to my work schedule. actually, the next couple weeks are going to be difficult for blogging.

last night, I had a French conversation class at Fluent City in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. after work, I rushed home, cooked dinner and ate it in 15 minutes, and then headed into the city. I had such a great time just speaking and listening in French. the instructor, Lea, is this sweet French girl who is so good at kindly telling you when you’re speaking incorrectly and she’s a great teacher. I would recommend this school to anyone in the city/surrounding area who wants to learn a language or keep up with a language once learned. the classes are going to be 7:30-9:30pm on mondays for the next 10 weeks. unfortunately, I have to miss 2 because of work trips…..

speaking of work trips, here’s my schedule:

tuesday: I’m in BOS right now, don’t get home until 10:30pm. I’m holed up in a starbucks, waiting for my 2:30pm meeting, getting some e-mails done (and casually blogging, of course).
wednesday: I leave in the late afternoon for miami for a dinner meeting with a Miami-office based colleague.
thursday: I have a meeting with a client in the morning and then fly home in the late afternoon.
friday: I have a day work trip up in Connecticut with a client.

also, I found this recipe while gawking on foodgawker – definitely going to be baking this basil feta pesto dressing



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