Luli’s one year anniversary

saturday, april 6th was my one year anniversary with Lu. how did we celebrate? first, we had a lovely little breakfast at the apartment and then a great workout. after, we went into the city and to the Great Springs Spa in NoHo. we went in the steam and sauna rooms and then had a couples massage. no tents pitched, my friends. after that, we checked into The Standard Hotel in the meatpacking district. we relaxed and then got ready for dinner, which was at The Darby, a couple blocks away. really awesome restaurant and fantastic striped bass and brussel sprouts. after, wiped from our massages and the day, we bought a bottle of malbec, went back to the room, and hung out together, drinking wine. it was perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary.

in the morning, we went to extra virgin in the west village. we split the banana french toast and i had a goat cheese frittata which was THE BOMB DOT COM. after that, we had a typical NYC day, walking around, shopping and enjoying the spring weather. I also made Lu take a picture of me outside of the stoop where they filmed Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in Sex and the City…. great day together… and most importantly, great year.


I’m not going to get all sappy in this blog, but I never imagined I could be so excited and happy all the time to be around one person. I swear, I still get butterflies when he walks in the door from work or when I see “Luce” pop up from a text. he makes me a better person and I thank Christina, his sister-in-law, each and every day.

oh wait, you don’t know the story? well then, let me tell you. this, typed out, may save me time later down the road, anyway, te-hehe.

I used to work at Trump National Golf Club in bedminster, NJ. I was the Director of Hospitality, where I oversaw the entire hotel complex there, from reservations to ordering of bed linens. anywho, part of my job was to help brides coordinate their wedding day logistics, including all of their wedding guests’ accommodations, their bridal suite, etc. so, Lu’s brother, Jose, got married to Christina (now Lu’s sister in law) at the club. immediately, I knew Christina was a cool chick – very composed, down to earth, and sincerely genuine. I never actually went to the wedding or met any of the bridal party (including Jose!)….. this was in September 2011.

I stopped working at the club in January 2012. fast forward to March 2012. I get an e-mail from my old coworker Liz, who happens to be one of my friends and still worked at the club at the time. she forwarded me an e-mail that had come through my old work e-mail. it was from Christina saying, “hey are you free, I have something I want to ask you?”

remembering how awesome Christina was, of course I called her. all I have to say, is thank God for Liz, thank God for Christina and thank God for Jose, for wanting to get married on a golf course. man, did the stars ever align.

I called her and basically, she asked me if I was single, because she had been telling her brother in law (the best man at the wedding, Jose’s brother, and my boyfriend, Lu) about me and he wanted to meet up. she sent me some pictures and I couldn’t say no- if you’ve never met Lu or seen a picture of him on my blog, well then let me tell you – he is totally handsome (and totally knows it)…..

so, we ended up going on a date on april 6, 2012 and have been nonstop dating ever since. lucky me!


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