all jokes aside, it’s my 26th birthday

no jokes here…. but, HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY!!

being born on April 1st always brings a lot of…. “no you’re kidding?” responses when you say it’s your birthday. other questions have been:

“omg was your mom kidding when she had you?”
“was your mom like PSYCH when she came to the hospital?”
“april fool’s!”
“you’re a fool, hahaha”

not many of my friends have really ever pulled April Fool’s jokes on me, but there are always those questions/comments every single year, without fail. on TV, newscasters are always making corny April Fool’s jokes and websites are always posting false news….

but hey, I can’t complain – the more festivity, the merrier, right?

it was a great birthday weekend – Friday night I spent it in Brooklyn (please go to Frankies 457 in Brooklyn off Carroll St stop – UNBELIEVABLE – I ate my weight in mozzarella cheese) celebrating my friend Sarah’s 26th birthday with all of my best girls from high school, which was great because we haven’t all been together for years!

Saturday I was solidly hungover, but made it to my birthday brunch at El Toro Blanco. my chopped salad was awesome and the guacamole was delicious. I liked the restaurant, it was really cheery – and who can resist Mexican? the perfect birthday cuisine! after that, Lu and I walked around a bit with his friends who were nearby in SoHo. they gave us a ride back to the apartment and I kind of vegged out… Lu and I decided to go see Oz, The Wonderful and Great (or whatever the title of the film is). we had a typical high schooler night out – dinner at the food court and then the movie. played some games with tokens while waiting for the movie to start.. that sort of stuff. snapped this gem:


Sunday was Easter – Lu and I rolled out of bed and drove to my parent’s house, stopping on the way to pick up wine and flowers for my grandparents. we hung out at my parents’ house with my family (my sister’s boyfriend’s family was there also, along with my sister’s roommate and her boyfriend)…. played some pool, ate some more cheese, and drank some wine.

after that, we headed to my grandparents’ house and continued to drink wine, play pool, talk, hang around, eat more cheese, etc. the food was great and Italian as ever… the manicotti was so delicious, I can still taste it. my sister’s boyfriend’s mother made this baklava that I absolutely INHALED. so delicious.

Lu and I drove back to Jersey City and stopped at his brother’s apartment for a little. apparently he’s owned a skateboard for a while and his brother has had it, so we went to hang out and pick it up. skateboard babe, really? Jose and Christina gave me an early birthday gift (these really cute running/yoga headbands from Lululemon – I can’t wait to use them!)

I woke up this morning and Lu was wishing me a happy birthday. I didn’t have my glasses on so I didn’t see what he was doing, but apparently he got a little present from his closet and gave it to me – a cute little wrapped box!


after unwrapping it, it was THIS pretty ring from David Yurman – so me, so perfect! I was SOOO surprised, because we agreed that his birthday gift for me was a ticket to Greece (we’re going to Greece in July together!!)


It was an amazing surprise and I’m so happy – I can’t wait to wear it everyday – Lu’s the best birthday present. 🙂

to continue the festivities, tonight we (my parents, grandparents, sister, sister’s boyfriend, and Lu) are going to Marc Forgione restaurant in TriBeCa… I’m really excited, it’s an amazing restaurant and I can’t wait to celebrate with the people I love most. Thanks in advance for all the awesome birthday wishes, everyone!


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