funny things my boyfriend says and an exploding hard boiled egg

quite the morning. I screamed bloody murder from the bedroom when I literally thought someone had dropped an anvil from 100 feet, directly into the center of our kitchen. alas, no anvil. instead, it was Lu, trying to microwave the hard boiled eggs I made for him yesterday.. to warm them up, of course.

instead of warm eggs, we got an explosion in our microwave that went EVERYWHERE. well, lesson learned…. DON’T MICROWAVE HARD BOILED EGGS, PEOPLE.

after that, I made my usual kale smoothie (with blueberries, strawberries, kale and almond milk)…. kindly asking my boyfriend, while walking to catch my train to work, “how are my teeth?” to which he responds

“Not good… it looks like you just made out with Swamp Thing.”

gotta love that SOB.

what I made last night… shrimp burgers from scratch (shrimp, salt & pepp, chopped cilantro, a little dijon mustard, whole wheat english muffin breadcrumbs, and zest of 1 lemon) over a bed of spinach with raw spiralized zucchini, toasted pecans, carrots, kidney and cannellini beans, all tossed in my homemade honey dijon sherry shallot vinaigrette.


as my mom says…. “Lu’s a lucky guy.” I feel lucky too though, babe, don’t worry =)


what do you think?

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