the hangover part 3

This past weekend can be summed up with one word: hungover.

Friday night I went out for Ryann’s birthday dinner at Barrio Chino on the Lower East Side – DELICIOUS cactus salad. Afterwards, we had a few drinks at Spitzer’s….. fun, low key night.

Saturday I spent literally laying around my apartment all day long, doing absolutely nothing and not feeling bad about it. Well, that’s a lie, we had no food in the apartment so we went to Amelia’s for brunch. Around 5:30pm, Lu and I got ready to go to his friend Alex and Beth’s apartment for a sushi dinner – cooked by Alex and sous-chefed by Beth. They live in Long Island City and I’ve never been to Queens, so I have always wanted to check out that part of the city. Anywho, we trekked in and got to their adorable, urban-chic apartment. Lu and I definitely have some decorating upgrades to do.

Seriously, this was such a treat – Alex made everything from crispy sticky rice to veggie rolls to sweet prawn rolls to hand rolls. It was about 8 of us, and it was a blast – drank WAY too many Ichibans, Sapporos and sake. But it was a festive fun way to spend a Saturday – with great people. I was seriously amazed at the food that Alex cooked, so I have to step my game up if we host next…. I gotta say, Lu’s got some great friends – if he doesn’t watch, I may steal them away =)

photo (1) photo (2) photo (3) photo (4)

Sunday was spent dead, again. I was meeting Emily in the city for brunch, so my excitement to see her outweighed my feeling of death. We went to Spring Street Natural and then this adorable patisserie nearby for some delicious chocolate cakes, coffee and for me – an extra vanilla éclair. How can you resist French pastries?!?!?! I came back, grocery shopped with Lu (we HAD to!), and then plopped down on the couch, cooked dinner, and hit the hay.

I’m still tired from the weekend, I think! This week is full of work, going home to see my family, and planning for my birthday weekend J April 1 – the big 2-6.


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