staying put

Oh, it’s so nice not to be traveling for work. I have a two week break!

Had a great weekend. Let’s recap.

Friday I stayed in, made a giant spaghetti squash dinner – with roasted corn, vegetables and sweet potatoes, beans, shrimp and sautéed avocado.


Saturday my mom’s trainer came all the way to Jersey City and trained me at 7:30am. I’m STILL sore… muscles I didn’t even know I had are sore. After that, I made Lu and I breakfast and we went into the city. We walked around Union Square and then met up with his friend Edgar and had dinner at The Bowery Hotel. We walked alllll around and shopped through Soho and ended up on the Lower East Side and got Babycakes (a vegan bakery down there). After that, we met up with his other friend Rob and had some drinks. After that, we met up with a few of his other friends and we all had dinner at Casa Mezcal down in the LES. Food was delicious, although I had to resist the dessert and pescado tacos (I’m vegan right now!) After that, we met up with a couple of his other friends at a bar that we eventually got kicked out of. Us, circa 3:30am:



Sunday woke up very hungover. Got brunch in Jersey City. Attempted (and failed) to buy some stuff/décor for the apartment. Did a little Target run. Plopped down on the couch.


My parents came over around 6ish with my sister and her boyfriend Ben. We all drank some champagne and then headed over the Light Horse Tavern a couple blocks away. Had lots of food and wine. Came back and watched Girls.


Now it’s Monday and I have a full week in the office, which I haven’t had since January. Looking forward to exercising, eating healthy, and starting yoga!


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