and I’m off….

…. I’m off for another week of business trips. I leave tonight for London …. have a meeting Wednesday in Brussels (yes, Belgium) and then a meeting in Exeter (southwest England) on Thursday. afterwards, I fly back and I have a meeting on Friday in Connecticut (not nearly as glamorous as Europe)….

never been to Brussels, looking forward to it. also looking forward to the week of the 10th of March, because I am giving myself 2 weeks of no business travel, woohoo!

OH! when I flew to California last week, I sat next to a guy who works for a gym company. he casually mentioned that his wife was a veep at Yogaworks. well, wouldjya fancy that – I’ve been meeeeeeeeaning to get into yoga… or at least, yuhknow, TRY it. long story short, he gave me his business card and told me to e-mail him and he’d put his wife in touch with me. most people are full of COLD POOP, but this guy really came through – I shot him an e-mail and he CCed his wife and now I get two free weeks of yoga in NYC – and I get to bring Lu for free!

get ready for the newly flexible Ali in a few weeks… I’ll be sure to post a picture of me in downward dog – ALWAYS have wanted to do that, bahaha…

some pictures from the weekend:

brunch with lu and the maffucci girls in jersey city:


selling my never-before-worn size 38 louboutins – holla at me if you want ’em:


brunch at amelia’s in jersey city:




what do you think?

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