what i wrote and never had time to post yesterday….

Almost time to breath. I’m writing this blog entry as I fly across the country, from San Francisco back to Newark, NJ. I haven’t been home since Monday, 2/18! I fly to Columbus, Ohio tomorrow for a work meeting and then I can start breathing… I fly to Palm Beach after work on Friday, but it’s for vacation, so that doesn’t count as exhausting travel. Of course, it’s my luck – I’m flying into Florida with a cold front – it’s been in the 80s for weeks and now it’s going to be rainy and 64. Oh well, it’ll be nice to see my parents and spend some more away time with Lu!

Let’s recap:

Luxembourg was beautiful – very quaint. I read the book “The Expats” the week before going which is about married expat couples living in Luxembourg, escaping the FBI, so the whole time I felt like I was being chased – pretty funny. Ate lots of cheese, spoke a bunch of French, and had some good meetings.

Arrived to LAX at 4am on Friday, 2/22. Had a lunch meeting, did a lot of work, and then started my weekend in Manhattan Beach- you know, heaven on earth. Beautiful people, friendly smiles, healthy active lifestyles, gorgeous views of the beach, and delicious food. I had a blast with Lu (he stayed with me over the weekend, as he was in Los Angeles for work as well). I recommend MB Post – delicious kale and quinoa salad and awesome cheese plate. Got to hang out with Jen, her boyfriend Justin which was great – and met some of Lu’s friends out there. Walked along the Strand around MB and Hermosa Beach. Bought some cool sunglasses in a surf shop. Lived the life.

photo photo3 photo4 photo6

Lu left on Sunday afternoon and we vowed to try our hardest to move out here someday. West coast, get ready! I drove to Santa Monica that afternoon, let myself into Cassidy’s apartment, and when her, her sister and her mom got home, we all watched the Oscars (huge letdown, if you ask me – very boring) and I passed out – I was EXHAUSTED! Woke up in the morning, went for a nice 30 minute run along the beach, came back, had some conference calls and then went to my lunch meeting.


After that, I flew to San Francisco for a dinner meeting with a potential client and my coworker.  Went to a restaurant in downtown San Fran. Ordered way too much food, had way too much dessert, and plenty of great wine. Woke up and got on a flight back home!

While away, I ordered a blender. I need to go on a veggie/fruit detox or something. All this travel comes with lack of exercise, wine, food, and pure decadence. My body is hating me right now. I can’t wait to just have a free week with no meetings. I’m hoping that comes sometime in March…. But, it’s not looking to good (upcoming: England, Belgium, Italy, Canada). Ah!

Feels good to catch up with you guys. Also, I’m starting a blog about my new home, Jersey City – ch-ch-check it out: www.thejcfresh.com.


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