OK, turns out I won’t be blogging for a while, so while I have a moment….

my travel schedule for the next 3 weeks:

wednesday, 2/20: in Luxembourg, as of 2/19

thursday, 2/21: flying LUX to JFK… 5 hours later I will be boarding a flight to LAX

friday, 2/22 – monday, 2/25: Los Angeles, baby

monday, 2/25: flying to San Francisco for a client dinner

tuesday, 2/26: flying back home, arriving at 5:00pm

wednesday, 2/27: flying to Columbus, Ohio (not so glamorous) for a meeting

thursday, 2/28: taking a personal day from work (although I may end up needing to go into the office)

friday, 3/1: flying to Palm Beach after work to visit my parents in Singer Island, FL with Lu

sunday, 3/2: arrive late at night back home

monday, 3/4: fly that evening to London, arrive early morning on tuesday

tuesday, 3/5: fly that evening to brussels for a meeting

wednesday, 3/6: after a meeting that day, fly back home

thursday, 3/7: drive to Connecticut for a meeting

friday, 3/8: BREATH



what do you think?

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