I must apologize

I must apologize. I really have had no time to blog. Work is crazy with travel and living with Lu, well, let just say I’d rather spend time with him than… Blog. So I’ve been a bit distracted the past couple weeks but I assure you, as soon as I am back from this trip, I will be back in blogging shape.

I was in London last week (made it home just in time for Valentine’s Day) and now I’m on a plane, boarded, ready to fly to Luxembourg, with a 5 hour layover in Amsterdam. Then, I’m flying back to JFK Thursday and boarding a flight 3 hours later for Los Angeles and then off to San Francisco on Monday. Then Ohio on Wednesday. Taking a personal day on Thursday and then back in the JC on March 1st, only to leave that evening for Palm Beach to visit my parents with Lu.

I need a breather!

Lu packing for HIS business trip last night:



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