a jc weekend

Friday night I stayed in during Nemo…. cooked dinner for Lu and I – a little spinach and feta stuffed tilapia with homemade tomato garlic oregano sauce, brown rice and broccoli.


Saturday we worked out, had breakfast, spent hours on thefancy.com and then went to see Zero Dark Thirty. The acting was really great – I was impressed with how they put the film together…. Definitely suspenseful and insightful. Definitely worth seeing – add it to your list! After that, we went to the Light Horse Tavern down the street for some wine and then we went to Satis for dinner – delicious scallops, brussel sprouts, beet salad and cheese plate. More wine, probably more than we needed.


Sunday we spent around Jersey City. Made breakfast, grabbed the Sunday Times and went to lu’s new favorite coffee shop, The Warehouse Café in the powerhouse arts district. Started fumbling around with our camera and took some pretty good shots. Got some new sunglasses at Target. Went to Skinner’s Loft for lunch.. they only had a brunch menu, so I wrongfully ordered the tostada ranchera and he rightfully ordered the lobster salad sandwich. You live and you learn. The venue was really cool – very different, cute little touches here (see dog plates below) like toothpicks with little seashells on the top. After that, we walked around grove street a little bit, took some more pictures.

img_0096 img_0143 photo3


We came back to the apartment, uploaded the pictures, and then we went out and got groceries, because I was cooking dinner for 4 of his friends and us. Went with my go-to avocado cilantro lime dressing salad with roasted corn, pepitas, red kidney beans, sautéed avocado, shredded carrots, feta and Cajun shrimp. They clapped when I served it all, which was sweet. After dinner, I went to Newark Airport to pick up Emily, who was arriving in from Palm Beach. then, I came back to the apartment and Lu and I watched the Grammy’s and GIRLS that he had DVRd for us. Then… bed!

I leave tonight for London… taking the redeye, arrive in London at 9:00am. Take a train to Leeds that afternoon…. Spend the night there, have a meeting with an airline on Wednesday at 11:30am…. Take a train back to London… fly back home that evening… get back to Newark at 11:35pm! another whirlwind trip.

Then it’s Valentine’s Day on Thursday… hope you all have something special planned for your loved ones.


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