barfing on a plane & other adventures

i feel like my blog is becoming a travel blog – which isn’t what i want it to be! i need to keep true to tradition and keep up the blogging about my hopes, dreams, etc. HA, yea right. no for real… maybe i’ll do one of those 30 day blog challenges.

to recap the weekend:

  • friday night i cooked dinner for lu, his brother and his brother’s wife (the girl who introduced lu and i!) and we all had some wine and hung out
  • saturday lu’s two friends (and mine too of course!) came over and i cooked us all lunch and i helped them put together a blog (TBD – i’ll be plugging it in no time!)… we went to a coffee shop at the end of the day and then lu and i went to best buy and bought a Canon Rebel T3i – a DSLR! we split it 50/50 – it’s the first thing we’ve ever owned TOGETHER. i’m excited to get to learn about taking pictures – it’s a nice constructive little hobby.
  • sunday lu and i went to the gym, had breakfast and then i had to fly out to trinidad for work!

so let’s see about those travels…. another quick trip to a foreign land. i went to trinidad sunday night (i missed the superbowl!) and came back today. trinidad is beautiful – the weather was in the high 80s the whole time and our meeting went exceptionally well. the people are friendly, the hotel was super nice, but i didn’t get much time to explore the island – i was mainly at the hotel working. carnival was happening there that week, so there could have been some crazy potential to have fun!


i ate this yogurt bar about an hour and a half before the flight landed. i did some work on my laptop and started getting nauseous. i thought it was just because i was concentrating too hard on an aircraft (sometimes it’s the same feeling as when you try to read in a car)… it didn’t go away when i put my laptop away. it got worse. i got the sweats and was super nauseous. when we landed, i started getting that watery mouth feeling.. YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. that’s when there’s no turning back. everyone was getting their luggage around me ….. so, i grabbed the barf bag and …. vomited for about 3 minutes in a little white bag. ABSOLUTELY MORTIFYING. my coworker was right there and was really sweet, trying to make me feel comfortable. let me tell you… nothing will make you feel any better when you are throwing up violently into a small white paper bag in close quarters on an airplane with 120 sets of eyes on you.


but now i’m back in my LOVELY apartment. lu and i ordered these cool mason jars to use as drinking glasses, which came today. i got my nails done (dark green with a gold disco nail), cooked dinner, and now i’m just relaxing… lu is in chicago for work Ā (he doesn’t get back until wednesday!), so i have the apartment to myself… which isn’t a good thing, because i let clutter pile up šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ it’s okay, it’ll be clean by the time he gets back – GOD FORBID! love you, honey!

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