vacation day

well, this week flew by. i had a meeting in tulsa, oklahoma on thursday – not a glamorous day. waking up at 3:15am (sorry for blow drying my hair, Lu!) …. getting back at 11:30pm… the same day.

today i decided to use my last 2012 vacation day and enjoy a staycation. i woke up, walked Lu to the PATH for work, then i made breakfast, cleaned up a bit, drank copious amounts of coffee, did some work, and then i went outside for a run (that didn’t last very long because my throat started hurting from the cold), finished up my workout in the gym, and then i made myself a delicious lunch (kale and spinach salad with avocado, pinto and black beans, carrots, corn, pepitas and my homemade avo-cilantro dressing), did some laundry and took a nice, long shower.


today i plan on taking a trip to the grocery store and that’s IT. i’m going to come back to my apartment and lay on the couch and zone out to brain-rotting television. i’m AMPED.

have a great weekend everyone! i’m off to trinidad and tobago on sunday, so if i don’t post before then – i’ll see you wednesday!


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