trader joe’s and a lot of wine

it was a solid weekend, i really feel like i got a lot out of this one. don’t you just love that?

friday night lu and i went to a restaurant near our apartment called the light horse tavern ( delicious cheese plate and a ridiculous chocolate bread pudding with caramel ice cream were among the notable luli (ali + lu= luli) award winners. great decor and pleasant service, i was happy!

saturday we got some apartment errands done – we did a full grocery shop (the first since we’ve moved in!) and picked up some last items at bed, bath and beyond (a cutting board, some rug stoppers, etc). went to trader joe’s for the second time in my life. i have to say….. i’m not impressed.


we went to the gym afterwards and then i cooked dinner for cassie (who came up from DC for one night just to see ME!) and stacey and of course, lu and i (luli, remember?)…. an easy crowd-pleaser – feta basil crusted mahi with lemon garlic broccoli and roasted potatoes.

after dinner, a bunch of my friends came over for a mini apartment warming party. it was fun to see everyone – and we flew through A LOT of wine. 25 years old can surely kick back a bottle or two.

sunday morning…. hangover. cassie leaves. lu and i go to brunch near DUMBO (in brooklyn) with a few of his friends, since one of his friends is pregnant with twins and due on thursday….. then, we went to their new apartment in carroll gardens… it was neat to see other parts of the city, other than manhattan. i like the neighborhood, but of course, missed our humble abode.

came back to our place that evening, plopped on the couch and i cooked dinner for us (sauteed shrimp salad with homemade avocado cilantro dressing with roasted corn and vegetables, pinto beans, avocado, carrots, pepitas and feta) and then we watched end of watch, some of the x games and hit the hay.

i was supposed to fly to atlanta today for work but the trip just got cancelled, so i’m heading into the office. happy to have my monday evening back 🙂

HAPPY MONDAY, Y’ALL. sorry for the wordy blog.


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