taking a personal day

couldn’t fall asleep last night. when I finally fell asleep, I woke up at 4am and couldn’t fall back asleep. so, I watched 5 straight episodes of GIRLS and then jumped back into bed for a bit until Lu had to get up for work. I’m pretty obsessed with GIRLS…. it really speaks to me. I mean, I’ve never smoked crack or been to a warehouse party in Bushwick, but I have been in a relationship with “smothering love” that I had to break off and there was one month where I was unable to pay my rent. it also makes me miss my best friend, cassie.

last night, Lu wasn’t due home until 9:30ish, so I took my time cooking dinner. I really love to cook, it’s become a huge hobby of mine since I graduated college – especially now in my great kitch. last night, I made homemade pesto on fusilli pasta, zucchini, cannelini beans, and toasted pine nuts with sauteed diver scallops. and a few glasses of wine. dee-lish!

250203_850423642113_505782042_n 734374_850332130503_315491833_n

sorry about the tangent. so today I’m taking a personal day. I need it so badly! I just put in my second load of laundry, I made myself my standard greek yogurt breakfast and coffee, and I’m doing a little bit of work at the island in my kitchen. yeap, I have an island. and yes, I’m doing laundry… in my apartment. divine.

I have a bunch of errands to run, like… apartment nick nacks, groceries, King sized bed sheets, etc. I also need to do some cleaning and organizing that I haven’t done since I moved in, because of, you know, distractions like Africa.

maybe I’ll even go to the gym. although, I’m kind of enjoying resting my knee and not being starving 24/7 because of all the running.

have a GREAT weekend, y’all.


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