it’s good to be back

Mauritius, Mauritius, Mauritius.


What a trip! Let’s start the entry off with Saturday, after arriving late into London Friday. Saturday my coworker and I went into the city and shopped and walked around. I miss London so much – if I had it my way, I’d move there in a heartbeat. But life’s not too bad in Jersey City these days, so no complaints. I bought a cute dress at Zara and the most ADORABLE slouchy winter hat from a cute boutique. Had  lunch at one of my favorite places in Leicester Square, reliving the good ole days when I studied abroad there.

Flew out late Saturday night, arrived in Mauritius around noontime on Sunday. It’s a 9 hour difference from the USA! Talk about some serious time zone jet lag. The weather was wonderful – in the 80s.

Monday I had my work meeting, which lasted about 2 hours. For the sake of confidentiality, I can’t talk about it – but I hope it went well!

Tuesday we had the day to ourselves to explore – so my two coworkers and I wandered about Mauritius. We took a cab ride to a nearby beach and spent the day there. Enjoyed the “famous beer of Mauritius” called Phoenix. The water is warm and CRYSTAL CLEAR – blues and greens.

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Wednesday was BRUTAL – 27 hours to get home. I read book #2 and #3 in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and watched two movies: End of Watch (so good!) and Magic Mike (wow can that Channing dance!)


The best part: being greeted at the door by Lu at 12:15am for the first time in 6 days, in our cute new apartment!


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