new, new, new.. it’s all new!

Things are-a-changin’. New year. New job position. New apartment. New city. New roommate! I couldn’t be happier with life right now. Let’s go over these changes…

New Year
It’s 2013, if you haven’t noticed. I really have some positive vibes about this year, I feel like it’s going to bring a lot of success and happiness, as fortune-cookie as that sounds. My new year’s resolution: live life in moderation and keep better in touch with my friends, who are all over the country.

New job position
Right before the New Year, I got a job promotion – I am now Manager of Business Development. I really feel like this is a great fit for me – basically, growing the business and traveling a lot, meeting with potential clients. So far, I’ve been to Miami, Cincinnati, and Montreal. I’m going to Mauritius (which is an island off Madagascar – you know, in Africa!) on Friday for a few days to pitch a new client, I’m so excited.

New apartment
January 5th, Lu and I moved into our new apartment. We keep asking ourselves “when is check out time?” because we feel like we live in a hotel. There are floor to ceiling windows in the living room, gorgeous dark hardwood floors, Bosch kitchen appliances, a WASHER/DRYER (we have arrived!), views of the Statue of Liberty (we’re on the 30th floor!), and a gorgeous building/lobby/amenities. We haven’t even put up decorations on the walls and still have some odds and ends and some organizing to do, but we are fully functional right now – and LOVING IT. Moving was a bitch, as all moving is. Luckily, Lu was an absolute doll and did all of the heavy lifting with the help of his other brother, Jose. I still have to move out of my old room in Hoboken, which is an even more annoying process.



New city
Our apartment is in Jersey City, a couple blocks from the Exchange Place light rail/PATH station. It’s in a great location, much easier for me to get to work (7 minutes door-to-door), gorgeous views of downtown Manhattan/Freedom Tower, cleaner and most importantly, new. I was getting tired of Hoboken and I wanted to live somewhere new. I can’t wait to settle in fully and find our neighborhood bars and restaurants. Also, it’s MUCH easier to get into NYC now, so I’m excited for my first trip in.

New roommate
First time living with a boy. So far, so good. Really, really happy. Happier than I’ve ever been before. =)


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