let’s try something different

let’s be a bit different, since it’s friday.

yesterday, i………
woke up.
got ready.
went to work.
picked up my car in hoboken.
picked up lu.
drove to our NEW apartment.
signed the new lease, allowing us to move in on the 5th.
lu took some measurements.
lu realized the king bed might not fit.
went to ikea to exchange our king sized bed frame for a queen sized one.
realized the bedframe is the same size for a king as for a queen.
left ikea for home depot to get a larger sized rug for the bedroom.
bought the rug.
discovered snapchat and annoyed my sister with it.
parked in hoboken and went to rice shop.
ate shrimp & broccoli, miso soup, seaweed salad, and vegetable lo-mein.
lu dropped me off at my apartment.
went straight to bed.

that was fun.. and easy. i’m leaving early today to go to my apartment and meet my landlord, get the keys and then meet the cable guy who is coming to install Fios. then, i have to finish packing up my apartment and tomorrow starts the big move! here goes nothing!!



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