tecate and guacamole

puerto vallarta was exactly what the doctor ordered. Lu’s friend Edgar’s family owns this gorgeous penthouse apartment above the beach. I wish I had taken more pictures of the house, because the ones I have don’t do it justice. beautiful outdoor patios, terraces, infinite pool, and GORGEOUS views of the beach.

the trip was so much fun – whether playing asshole on the rooftop terrace with Lu, Edgar and his cousin Juan Miguel, laying on the beach, parasailing, or eating delicious mexican food, I was happy. we drank on the beach, ate delicious food, and completely relaxed. the day we went parasailing was so picturesque – a beautiful, sunny day … looking down, I could see dolphins jumping through the water.

The views were incredible and it’s just so peaceful up in the air – definitely exceeded my expectations. And of course, spending time with Lu on the beach was the cherry on top. I really love that boy. =)

Some pictures to sent the tone:

lu and i on our first day on the beach – his coco loco and my michelada (yum!)


what are the odds that someone in mexico has a wake forest bumper sticker? had to take a pic!


the beach club we went to every day (called swell) had the “swell salad” that was ENORMOUS and delicious and of course, i ate the entire thing… along with ceviche, fish tacos and guacamole usually 🙂


my favorite picture of Lu from the vacation …. very him.


taking shots at de santo’s, this cool rooftop club/lounge/restaurant, with Lu and Edgar


on the beach, drinking a Pacifico and enjoying our last days…


staging a coconut picture in front of the PV sign…


the evening views from our rooftop


me really taking it all in…


Edgar enjoying his view…


I was the only girl, no big deal…


As for New Year’s Eve, I got a little stomach bug (Mexican-style, if you know what I mean) on the plane ride home and so Lu and I arrived to the states, went home, and I plopped down on the couch and we ordered Chinese food and watched the ball drop. It was pretty perfect, to be honest.
Now, I’m in “get ready to move in” mode. We are moving all of our furniture in on THIS SATURDAY, but won’t be living there until the 15th of Jan, which is kind of a bummer, but our landlord is being a stickler. So be it. Lu has been coming over every night to help pack up my things, because he knows I can’t do it alone (I’m a hoarder!!)

In other news, I lost my iPhone on Christmas Eve but luckily got one last night via Craigslist and a somewhat-sketchy exchange in Jersey City. So, feel free to text and call me now – I promise I’ll respond!

What else, what else….. my Christmas was very nice. Small, intimate. Santa was very good to me! Lu spent it with us, which was nice.. my family adores him, which is also nice.

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season. Sorry I was off the map (both via blog and phone).

Next post: new year’s resolutions for 2013.


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