it’s official

It’s funny how life works in mysterious ways.

If I hadn’t take my trip to Panama in January, I would have never met one of my good friends Jen. If I had never stopped working at Trump National, I would have never been able to sustain a healthy relationship with Lu and would have never started running (I started running basically because I had a month off between Trump and my new job and wanted to use that to get into running). On account of my new-found love for running, one day this October, I took Lu on a 5+ mile run around Jersey City and introduced him to Grove St area and basically ran through the nice parts of Jersey City (the town below Hoboken). He never knew how cool JC was!

Hurricane Sandy, unfortunately, came and put some stress on his current living situation with his roommates and they all agreed it was best to move out and go their separate ways. And I decided I was ready to move in with him (once he asked) and my unbelievable roommate was completely understanding and luckily, one of her friends was looking to get out of her lease. Done and done.

Back to Jen from Panama. Turns out Jen is moving to California (wahhhh!) at the end of December, so her lease in her beautiful, gorgeous apartment was up January 1. Luckily, Lu had seen JC and was convinced that it’s pretty cool and much better than Hoboken (I don’t mean to hate on Hoboken, but after living there for 3 years, it doesn’t have much to offer – it’s fratty and tired). Jen put in the good words for Lu and I and we met with the owner/landlord of the apartment, signed the lease and our credit/criminal checks went through and we got approved last night! We’ll be official residents of JC starting 1/15.

The apartment is literally across the street from the PATH station that brings you straight into NYC, so it’s even easier to get into the city from this new place than my place in Hoboken was. Plus, it’ll be so much easier to get to work (15 minute walk or 3 minute light rail ride- which is also across the street).




I don’t know who works in mysterious ways, but Someone does. And I’m so happy to be moving in with Lu in January. All I’m going to be thinking when I run that half marathon in Disney World the weekend before is how excited I’ll be to see him when I get back, in our new place, together.


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