florida weekend & a big move

hello, friends. what a whirlwind of a weekend! friday early morning (as in 4am), i went to Miami for a work meeting. after that, i drove to palm beach area (singer island) and met with my parents. i spent the weekend with them, but not really. they recently bought a condo down there and they’ve gutted it, so they spent the weekend shopping for things to go in the place. i spent the weekend laying on the beach, running outside, reading, relaxing, and doing a lot of napping. flew back last night, walked into my apartment around 11:45pm.


i cannot BELIEVE next week is christmas. i still have to finish Lu’s gift (trying to be crafty/sentimental), buy my sister and mother’s gift and finish up something for my grandparents’ gifts. i also have to WRAP everything.

on top of that, i’m leaving for mexico, december 26 – 31. on top of that, i have a half marathon in disney world to run on january 12th and i haven’t run more than 6 miles in about 2 months, haha. SHOULD be interesting. i plan on going on some mega runs this week to prepare.

on top of all of that, i am moving out of my apartment by january 15th…. and i’m moving in on january 15th (hopefully!) to an apartment in jersey city….. with Lu. you know, my boyfriend. we have a meeting with the owner of the apartment today after work (5:45pm), so as long as he likes us and our credit/criminal checks are a-okay, we get the place, starting january 15th! it’s actually my friend Jen’s place and she’s moving out at the end of december to move in with HER boyfriend in california (sad face, but happy for her!) …. so cross your fingers for us that we get this apartment! it’s gorgeous – 77 Hudson. more to come on that…. can ya believe it?



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