falling off the blogosphere

i do apologize for my MIA status in the blogosphere. things at work have been very busy – and same with life. i’m having fun and working hard, so i can’t complain.

highlights of the weekend:

  • saw dave matthews band at the izod center on saturday night (amazing concert, played a lot of new stuff)
  • saw killing them softly with brad pitt (i liked it – but i like that dark quentin tarantino stuff)
  • breakfasts at choc o pain in hoboken




funny  little story about last night: 

after much deliberation on what restaurant to go to (a constant nyc dilemma – there are just SO many restaurants, how do you choose?) we went to alta restaurant in the west village. the ambiance was great – rustic, well-sized restaurant with attractive people and christmas lighting …. the portions were INSANELY small… when they say small plates, they REALLY meant small plates. we ordered 5 small plates, a drink each (3 of us) and the tab (before tip) was $118!

sadly, we were still famished after that (although the food was delicious) so we went to CHIPTOLE and had a full dinner and a beer there. i’m not ashamed. not even a little.

fun week planned with dinners with friends, coworkers, my mom, and new things shifting around at work, which is always good!


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