a puerto rican thanksgiving

i spent thanksgiving 2012 in puerto rico, meeting lu’s family and spending quality time where he grew up (at least for the first 10 years of his life). it was really nice to get away, feel the warm sun, and of course, finally meeting lu’s parents and other siblings.

we stayed at a golf/club resort called palmas del mar which was really beautiful – we golf carted to lay down by the pool everyday and went to the beach. the first night when i got in, we went to a cool bar in san juan just with lu, his brother jose and his sister-in-law (the girl that introduced us!) christina.







the second night, we went to lu’s parents’ place… his mother is adorable and his father was really sweet. very warm, welcoming people. thanksgiving night, we went to lu’s sister’s sandra’s home, which was gorgeous. met the whole family and drank a lot of champagne. afterwards, watched the jets suck it up.


the last night, we dropped off jose and christina at the airport and lu and i went to old san juan and walked around. it was very quaint and beautiful – cobblestone streets, little cute alleyways and fun shops, bars and restaurants. the architecture was really interesting as well. i wish i had brought my iphone to take pictures! after that, we stopped back at lu’s parents’ place to say goodbye. woke up at 5am and flew back to JFK.


we saw twilight on saturday night (thumbs down!), watched the usc/notre dame game and then sunday i went to my parents’ house to spend time with MY family. came back sunday night and slept alone in my bed for the first time in a while. felt weird.

so here we are. it’s monday. mondays after long weekends/holidays are always tough.


what do you think?

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