another race….

so i’m pretty much on a  3-4 month race basis now. i did my chicago half, then the san francisco full, then i’m doing the disney world half, and now i’ve signed up to enter a spot in the inaugural Nike Women’s Half Marathon in washington, dc with my bestest, cassie.

send all positive vibes our way that we get selected! it’s a gorgeous course, and i would LOVE to run a race with my best friend. dream come true!

and after running in the nike women’s san fran marathon, i know they run a stellar event. so change your life and sign up for a spot – you won’t regret it. and your ass will look AWESOME after a couple months of running, i PROMISE you. ask my boyfriend! 

happy friday everyone. root for wake forest in the wake forest/notre dame game this weekend!


One response to “another race….

  1. Keeping fingers crossed!!! I can’t wait to run this race with you/you drag me for the last 5 miles because I am terrible at running. Love you!


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