belated birthday festivities

saturday night was lu’s birthday celebration, per me. i had bought him tickets to kevin hart’s sold out comedy tour stop at madison square garden at 7pm, 11/10. kevin hart is our favorite comedian together – we always quote him and watch his stand up videos, so i figured it was a cute gift. splurged on floor tickets. the show was hilarious, we didn’t stop laughing for 2 hours – which is a great way to spend a night with a boyfriend/girlfriend, obvi.

afterwards, we walked for a bit and then we went to de santo’s in the west village for dinner. when we got there, i had 5 of his friends waiting to surprise him. but he had kind of already guessed the surprise earlier in the night, since i was sketchily texting everyone. dinner was great, wine was flowing and everyone was happy! i had asked one of his friend’s to pick up momofuku birthday cake balls in the east village and asked the waiter to plate them with ice cream and candles and surprise him (he LOVES those things – and now i know why!). he was definitely surprised 🙂


after that, we went to highlands, a bar right across the street for some champagne and more wine. then, because the PATH system isn’t running still (ugh!) we had to pay $60 for a cab ride back to hoboken.

on sunday, we had brunch with his friend scott who just recently had a baby (7 weeks ago!) – it was nice to spend time with them and meet the baby, but MAN was i hungover…. all day…. a day that ended in greasy lo mein and sushi for dinner, haha.

i’m staying with lu for the week – lucky him! his roommates are on vacation in Bali for 2 weeks, so we get to play house 🙂 happy monday.


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