long time no see

i realize it’s been a while since my last blog post. can you blame me? not only did i survive hurricane sandy in hoboken, now there’s a gosh darn nor’easter outside my door. yeap, it’s snowing, cold and about to turn into a sleety, mushy mess. those mayans really know their stuff… the world must be ending.

so as per usual, let’s recap. quickly.

sandy hit pretty hard. it’s actually devastating to see everyone displaced from their homes, having everything they ever knew or owned ruined. everything’s relative, so each person’s individual hardship is immense to them. i went to lu’s on sunday and packed a small bag, thinking “oh, it’ll just be some heavy winds and i may miss a day or two of work.” little did i know, i lost power monday and didn’t return to my apartment until the following sunday. we didn’t care as we were walking around hoboken sunday night:

so wednesday came and we had to make a decision- escape or tough it out. we (lu, his two roommates, and i) made the executive decision to strap on trash bags to our legs and wade through the 3-5 feet of water to get closer to the holland tunnel, where my dad picked us all up in his pickup. we (lu and i) went back to my uncle’s in far hills, nj – he has a natural gas generator and had power/internet/cable/all the fixin’s. lu and i stayed there until sunday – pretty good time… went on some epic runs through the bernardsville area, ate like kings, and relaxed in my uncle’s awesome home. i’m lucky to have the family i do.

honestly, during all of sandy, i was astonished by the compassion and help given by complete strangers. it was lu’s 34th (i know, i know – he’s an oldie but a goodie) birthday on tuesday (in the dead center of sandy) and his neighbors surprised him by baking him cupcakes – and then another neighbor came by with a bottle of wine. warms my heart.




lu stayed with me sunday night and then he got his power back monday and went back to his place. it’s a bummer that NJ transit and the PATH system doesn’t work, so it makes getting in and out of the city and to work verrrry difficult. then, JUST went things started to somewhat resemble normalcy, this damn nor’easter hits. i left work at 3:30pm today and i’m back at lu’s! who knows what tomorrow holds….


oh and super random, but check out this cool hat lu bought:


what do you think?

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