well. canada was cold. not much to recap on that. i went to banff to visit the little ski town and that was fun. the rest was work and the conference. never need to go back to calgary!

friday night i went out for dinner at this spanish tapas restaurant uptown in hoboken with lu. then, we went to see paranormal activity 4, like jerks. haha – it’s always so stressful watching movies like that, i always ask myself “why’d i do that?”

saturday i woke up early and ran the hoBOOken 5k with emily. it was so fun! an easy 5k run and fun costumes. naturally, i was mark sanchez. the only thing i could put together at the last second. we had a blast and i was happy to have a running partner for once! 🙂 met up with my cousin afterwards also, who ran it too.

afterwards, we got brunch with lu and katie at la bouche. got my usual greek yogurt, fruit, and granola dish. after that, i grocery shopped with my roommate for FRANKENSTORM. i actually didn’t get anything out of the ordinary – i bought food for dinner haha. people are going crazy over this hurricane. i guess i’m jaded from hurricane irene.

saturday night amanda and lu came over and i made roasted acorn squash stuffed with couscous, apricots, raisins, celery, carrots, shallots, chickpeas and onions. then, we went to a bar in hoboken for a quick drink – we met donnie and katie there too. after THAT, lu and i aggressively decided to go to some party his friends were going to in the city at a club. i bought kitty ears on the way to the PATH. we had a good time, naturally. good stories.

SPENT ALL DAY TODAY HUNGOVER. didn’t get out of bed until 12ish. went to la isla where we pounded brunch – la isla is famous for its strawberry cream filling french toast thing. UNBELIEVABLE. knock that off my bucket list. oh, and we both had our own dishes too (me a salad and him a cuban sandwich).

literally…. laid on the couch and watched football and napped all day. it was glorious. just now overcoming the hangover. back at my apartment, procrastinating on doing the dishes. going to pack a bag and head back to lu’s for the night. we don’t have work monday or tuesday (well, we have to work remotely). so that’ll be fun to be in my PJs all day long. 🙂

everyone who is in NY/NJ, stay safe!


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