hunt 1 ali 0, per my sister

ugh. so, for the second time in my life, i went to the far hills races – “the hunt.” took the train from hoboken into far hills with emily. had some mimosas. and then had one too many beers, clearly, because…. i took the train back to hoboken, instead of getting off at bernardsville.

why was i getting off at bernardsville? to meet my boyfriend at the train station so that we could go together to my parent’s anniversary dinner at my grandparent’s (in far hills). well, he made it to the bville train station. waited an hour for me. meanwhile, i was iphone-less (i lost it somehow) and on a train on my way to hoboken. i jumped off at the newark broad street stop, in a panic (when i came to, i guess), and i got off and asked a nj transit lady to use her phone to call home. i called my mother. who called lu… and had to break him the news that i wasn’t coming.

and then, being the wonderful boyfriend that he is, lu went to my grandparents (with champagne and pastries) and had dinner with my family. without me. for about 3 hours.

lessons learned: i don’t think i should ever go to the hunt again. and my boyfriend deserves major props for being such a standup guy. 🙂

now, i’m at LaGuardia Airport, waiting to board my flight to Calgary for a work trip. i get back at 6:30pm on thursday night. then it’s halloween weekend – and i’m COSTUMELESS! looks like i may have to be mark sanchez again……


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