california, the weekend, my marathon & more

Alright… it’s the home stretch. The calm before the storm. My marathon is THIS Sunday, October 14th!! I know you will all be there in spirit, which I love. I’ll be spending this week mentally preparing, picking out my race day outfit, and picking up some last minute items – like Gu.

Let’s quickly recap … Thursday I flew to Los Angeles, rented a car, and drove to Manhattan Beach to meet Cassidy, Hanson, Justin, and Jen (who happened to be in town visiting her boyfriend!) We went to this AWESOME restaurant right on the beach basically called The Strand House ( Had way too much dessert, but hey – when in Rome…. I fell in love with Manhattan beach that when I was done with work on Friday, I went back to see it during the day time – stopped at Wahoo’s Tacos and grabbed some Cajun and grilled fish tacos before I hit the road.

Friday was meetings 11 – 5, brutal but productive and rewarding. Work is what gave me the opportunity to visit Cassidy out in LA, so I can’t complain. Before work, I went for a 7 mile run around Santa Monica, up towards Malibu. Great views, great temperature, perfect way to start the morning. We (Hanson, Cassidy and I) had great fresh coffee on Abbot Kinney in Venice….

A quick trip to California – but jam-packed a lot of stuff in. I really do love California – I can see myself living there, but I think only if my east coast friends moved out there with me – because I don’t think I mesh as well as I’d like to with that west coast laissez-faire mentality. I’m too type A. look at these Cali-chic folk:

Took the redeye home on Friday. Miserable – had the middle seat. Didn’t sleep a WINK (well, maybe a wink or two- but not enough)…. Ate two bags of animal crackers, two bags of Linden’s chocolate cookies, a bag of pretzel M&Ms, a giant bag of almond milk chocolate Hershey’s kisses, a bag of Snyder’s pretzels, and an order of fish tacos at the airport. When I got back to Jersey at 4:30am, I was in a Cali-food coma. Slept until 12pm – met Lu and his roommates at this café in Hoboken… was severely jet lagged all day – got my bike fixed at least. Had Mexican for dinner and saw Taken 2-  eh… same as Taken, just not as novel.

Sunday morning…. Started fresh. went for an 8 mile run in the cold rain, which was actually pretty invigorating. Was going to go run some errands in Jersey with Lu but my roommate parked my car in a tow zone and so I spent most of the afternoon taking care of that. After, hung out with Lu and chilled… got Taco Truck with Amanda for dinner (and a massive thing of frozen yogurt afterwards)….. then had a great night’s sleep at Lu’s and HERE WE ARE.

Ready to conquer this week… I went to Barnes & Noble on my lunch break and bought two of Dean Karnazes’ books for last-minute inspiration, since I finished Born to Run. I have a small run today and then I’m going to meet my mom and sister for some shopping and dinner in the city – going to Pure Food & Wine, a raw restaurant near Union Square… pictures to come!


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