new jersey fall bucket listing

WARNING: awesome pictures to follow that will make you jealous of New Jersey in the fall.

Friday I had a work day trip to Boston that went great, the client was really happy and therefore I was happy… got on an earlier flight, went to Lu’s, ordered takeout, and passed out early.

Saturday I woke up and ran 20 miles. Barely. At least it’s done… now two weeks until showtime. Went to Lu’s afterwards and made plans to go apple and vegetable picking at a Jersey farm the following day…. Went back to my apartment around 5:30pm, took a shower, rented an instant document on Netflix (Forks Over Knives), LOVED it (reinvigorated my interests in veganism) and passed out around 9:30pm…..

Sunday was amazing. I woke up at 8:30am feeling fresh and healthy (amazing how it feels when you don’t drink)…. Did my laundry, did some way belated spring cleaning, reorganized my drawers, got some bags together to donate to the homeless shelter…. THEN I biked over to Lu’s and him and his two roommates and I drove to Alstede Farms in Chester, NJ to go apple and veggie picking! It was so much fun…. (see pictures below). Afterwards, we all went to The Gladstone Tavern and had an amazing dinner (yum yum yum!) and drove back to Hoboken, watching the Giants game, and went to bed. Quite the relaxing yet full weekend!

I’m going to Los Angeles this week on work (Thursday and Friday) and then camping in Woodstock, NY this weekend with Lu and his roommates (woo!)… gotta make the most of these first three days of the week! I’m in the “tapering” stage of my marathon training, so I don’t’ have to do anymore long runs – all 3/4/5/6 milers.






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