in 5-10 years…

what i dream about more than anything is being a housewife. my friends will all make fun of me and say i’m messy, my rooms a disaster, and i hate cute, little animals.. so how could i possibly ever be a good one?

let me clarify. i don’t hate cleaning, i just am ALWAYS busy and find myself running around with no time to take extra time to put away laundry or put things back where they came.

but i DO like to clean – i have fun blasting music and cleaning. it’s like algebra, which i always loved, because you always figure out what x equals. like with cleaning, you always get a sound result: a spotless room.

and as for cute little animals… i DO love animals (i was a vegan for 2 years, for pete’s sake!)… but i don’t see the point in swerving to avoid hitting a squirrel (or turtle – that was ONCE in south carolina!) and in the meantime, killing myself. i’m WAY more precious than a wild animal…

i really love to cook and i imagine what my kitchen will look like when i’m married and have kids. and please… i am IN NO RUSH. i’m 25, and don’t see myself in that spot for another 5-10 years… but a girl can dream, right?

i’ll definitely have chalkboards in my kitch:


what do you think?

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