where do i start?

i’m so far behind in my blogging. i just have felt very unorganized lately. i stopped running consistently, was eating more poorly, and was barely at my apartment so it was a mess. and in the interim…. WE GOT A MOUSE!

so today… from 5:45-11pm, i CLEANED THE ENTIRE APARTMENT. i’m not talking just wiped countertops and swept the floors. we’re talking emptied out cabinets, cleaned the inside of the fridge, got on my hands and knees and scrubbed floor moldings, swiffered my heart out, and scrubbing bubbles-ed the bathrooms.

i feel SO MUCH better. i am excited for tomorrow, to feel clean, organized and ready to be super productive. i’m in a better mental state after spending 6 hours cleaning.

on for this week: getting back into running weds – fri, my mom is coming to hoboken thursday for dinner with me and my sister and then friday i leave to drive down to DC to spend the night at cassie’s because we are DRIVING TO WAKE HOMECOMING ON SATURDAY MORNING! wahoo. can’t wait to spend time with her and my friend ally and whoever will be at wake πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

here’s a recap of the past week of my life, in pictures:



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