shin splints no more

just made an awesome discovery: kt tape. i watched videos on their website and applied it to my shin splints and top foot. i could’ve used it on my it band and quads, cuz they are killing me too, but because i wear shorts when i run, i didn’t want to look like a technicolor mummy.

WORKED LIKE A CHARM! i went on a near 5 mile run this morning and i didn’t feel any pain and yesterday, i could barely walk. i don’ t think i’ll ever run without this stuff… well, it is $15 a box. and of course, i got the bright pink color 🙂

from the website:

Here is how it works, KT Tape is applied along muscles, ligaments, and tendons (soft tissue) to provide a lightweight, strong, external support that helps to prevent injury and speed recovery. KT Tape works differently for different injuries. KT Tape can lift and support the knee cap, holding it in place for Runner’s Knee. KT Tape can support sagging muscles along the arch of the foot, relieving the connective tissues for Plantar’s Fasciitis. And KT Tape can lift the stress off of shin splints to allow pain release and give the body a better opportunity to recover. Depending on how it is applied, KT Tape supports, enables, or restricts soft tissue and its movement. By stretching and recoiling like a rubber band, KT Tape augments tissue function and distributes loads away from inflamed or damaged muscles and tendons, thereby protecting tissues from further injury.

By applying KT Tape over affected tissue, athletes experience an external support which helps to prevent further injury and allows the body’s damaged tissue to rest and heal naturally despite continued activity. KT Tape also reduces inflammation and increases circulation which prevents muscle cramping and lactic acid buildup.


what do you think?

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