18 miles and a weekend recap

Weeeeeekend recap. Let’s do this.

Friday night I went to the brass rail in Hoboken for dinner with lu and his friends. Got to bed early. Saturday I drove to my parent’s house and ran 18 miles around Bedminster/Bernardsville/far hills. It was really tough, I’m not going to lie. I literally cannot even walk right now, the pain is so excruciating. It’s my fault for not stretching more. But I’m happy I got the miles in and it makes me feel much better about this marathon… because there were lots of hills and I still managed to finish it with minimal walking. A few more 15 mile+ long runs and I am going to be feeling confident. 4 more weekend runs and then I’m in San Fran!

After the run, I met my mom for lunch and then we got pedicures, went to sports authority and came back and we made dinner. After that I drove back to Hoboken, had a fun night out at cooper’s union in Hoboken and went to bed circa 5:30am (ugh!)… woke up late… met Lu at Starbucks and then met his friends at a Hoboken bar to watch the first two quarters of the Jets/Bills game…. After that, iced my legs at Lu’s apartment and then after the Jets game we went to a new pier in Hoboken and laid outside .. I read my book and we just chilled. Then, we went to Charrito’s and had Mexican (great hangover cure!) and then froyo of course.

Watched TV and literally passed out around 8/8:30pm on the couch. My body was so tired from Saturday’s run, I can’t even explain it…..

I have a crazy busy week …. Plans every night! here we go…


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