a bridge to cross…

so i’ve reached an interesting point now in my marathon training. in all honestly, i am somewhat overly comforted by the fact that i have 6.5 hours to complete the race. if i calculate myself at an 11 minute race pace (which i KNOW i’m capable of at least 10, so 11 is a cushion pace), that will finish me at 4.8 hours. SO, i have almost 2 full extra hours to wiggle with. so ali, you can walk the hills…. take some extra water breaks… stop at the bathroom if you need to.

BUT, i want to finish at a good pace. i want to say i ran a marathon, not run/walked a marathon. it’s inevitable that i’ll be walking – i won’t be running 26.2 miles straight.

alright… now… i need to start making sacrifices in order to really prepare for this race the way i want to be prepared. i don’t want to half-ass it. i’ve already stopped going out on friday nights in favor of getting sleep and waking up early to get those long runs in. i’ve 95% stuck to my training program. but.. it’s time for 100%.

bridge to cross #1: there is the NFL season opener tonight, ny giants vs. dallas cowboys. my training program says i have to run 9 miles. and i did not do it this morning, since i chose ‘snuggle and snoozing’ with lu over getting out of bed and running.

game is at 8:30pm. i have a commitment until 7pm-ish. THEN, i have this window… 7ish to 8:30pm. should i run 9 miles and miss a good 30-45 minutes of the game OR should i just run 5 miles, shower, and meet my friends out at a bar to watch the game?

motivated ali says: go late to the game. run 9 miles. just do it.
social, fun ali says: just do 9 miles tomorrow and do 5 today (5 miles is tomorrow’s run).

but we all know that if i choose to go out tonight and drink beers and root on the g-men, i won’t be running 9 miles after work tomorrow.
what do you think? season openers are only once a year and not always with the NY Giants…..


what do you think?

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