labor day wrap-up

let’s see, let’s see. friday cassie arrived to hoboken at night and we grabbed a six-pack and headed to a great BYOB mexican place… did a little bar crawl, went into the city to meet up with our friend from wake & his friends, and then came back and had pizza with a random person we met on the subway. funny. on the way into the city, we ran into someone who happened to have gone to wake and knew a bunch of our friends. small world.

saturday woke up partially dead from such a late night… hustled to the train. train to morristown. got cassie’s car. drove to bernardsville. got my car. drove separately to atlantic city. AC is definitely NOT a place for me, but it’s fun when you go with a big group of friends, because you just laugh all together and have a blast. discovered grey goose & gatorade, which is pretty delicious.

sunday woke up in a food coma/hangover… lazied out of our hotel room, said goodbye to friends, i said goodbye to cassie (sad face) and i drove back to hoboken. lu got back from burning man saturday night, so when i got back to hoboken, we met up and reunited. glad to see him alive and in one piece. we watched all his videos from the festival… seems very cool, very different. again, glad to have him back. my hangover was so brutal, so we just chilled on his couch, watched the hunger games. it was so nice to relax.

monday i woke up feeling fresh and recovered. went for breakfast then went to the gym and got 4 miles in (i hadn’t run in 5 days!!!), showered, grocery shopped for lunch, and made a giant mexican-style salad. beans, sauteed veggies, roasted corn, chili shrimp, sauteed avocado – THE WORKS… even made my own avocado/lime/cilantro (cilantrovacdo i call it!) dressing from scratch, which may be a new fav…. lu came over and devoured his, as usual. showered, rode our bikes to newport beach… started raining. went back to his place and hung out all night, it was SO relaxing and JUST what the doctor ordered. a great way to end the night. he even made us dinner (a first!) and it was delicious, very impressed.

woke up this morning REALLLLLY not wanting to get out of bed (doesn’t help when it’s dreary outside).

the light at the end of the tunnel:
– NFL football starts wednesday with cowboys v. giants
– MTV VMA’s featuring kevin hart are thursday
– it’s only a four day week
i’m excited to get back into running, since i had a 5 day hiatus. it felt great to run those 4 miles monday morning… i hope i didn’t lose too much running shape. and it’s september, which means fall is almost upon us! my favorite season of the year.. speaking of.. what should i be for halloween?!


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