powdered pb?!

this weekend i spent chasing around my debit card, held by my sister.

no, but really. friday night i stayed in, which was glorious (after my haircut – see picture below). i didn’t eat very healthily on friday and didn’t drink NEARLY as much water as i should have, so when i woke up saturday for my 16 miles, i wasn’t very prepared. the run was tough, and i definitely didn’t finish strong. i walked too much of it. but i got through it. i even ended taking a different route and running over the brooklyn bridge. came back to hoboken and got ready and went out for my friend sol’s 24th birthday in nyc. had a BBQ at her place beforehand. we all went to the delancey.


sunday morning woke up feeling miserably hungover (firefly is to blame). laid in bed forever and then went to hoboken beach, laid out for a while, and then met my sister in NY and finally got my debit card. went to paragon sports, bought some new sports bras (mine are SO expensive!), then went to barnes & noble with a friend. i bought “born to run,” hoping for some run inspiration this week. i heard it’s a must-read for runners of all types. then, went to cowgirl near the christopher street path and had mexican for dinner. went back to hoboken, had froyo with my roommate and her friend kaitlyn who was in town, and then watched aladdin. QUITE the sunday.

i also bought powdered peanut butter, which i highly recommend. drizzle a little honey on top to make it sweeter and it’s a low-fat, low-calorie version of its regular counterpart. i always find it funny when i fall in love with in a new food and can’t live without it and wonder… how did i ever go on without this?!

ready to start this week off well…. going for a strong run after work. SO excited for this week and this weekend (cassie’s visiting me for labor day!!!!)

happy monday….


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