16 miles on saturday

alright. here we go. 16 miles to run on saturday. here’s going to be my route.. i was going to go home and do the run, but it’s too much stress. i just want to relax in hoboken after work/my haircut (see below) today and mentally prepare for this brutal run:

since my boyfriend left for burning man today, the agenda for next week is to get rest, stay healthy, focus on my runs, grocery shop and perhaps do a vegan cleanse. i’ve had a hard time really getting the most out of my weekly runs, so i’m hoping this week off from a tempting distraction will  help rejuvenate my running schedule. it’s hard to get up at 6am and go for a run when you’re curled up & warm in bed with someone… and to lu’s credit, he’s an AWESOME cuddler. they’re hard to come by =)

ALSO – i’m going after work today to get my haircut in hoboken. i’m thinking of going short again…. something like this:

speak now or forever hold your peace…..


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