two bucket list items: CHECK!

crossed off two more items on my bucket list this weekend… going to la isla for breakfast/lunch and spending the day at the jersey shore.

friday was a blast to start. i did laundry and then my friends sarah and dana came over and we basically relived middle school haha. we gabbed about everything, sitting on my bed, cross-legged, and talking about boys. ordered takeout and chilled.

saturday morning was a proud moment. woke up and saw it was raining out but powered through it and got on the subway to west village and ran 15 miles. yup, 15 miles. didn’t think i could do it, but it ended up being easier than i thought. i did the loop around manhattan. i bought a water belt, so nerdy. after that, i walked through a farmer’s market with christina (lu’s sister-in-law) and walked along the water. it was such a nice, warm sunday day out! then i got lunch, came back, and passed out. my body was just so exhausted, so i napped for a couple hours. woke up, got ready, went to lu’s and we went to the giants/jets game. it was fun, but only as fun as you can have while you’re watching your favorite team playing like doo-doo. but a good experience, overall. then lu and i took the train back and went back to his place and watched a movie and hung out.

sunday morning we woke up, went to the gym, had la isla for brunch/breakfast (which was delicious – i had greek yogurt, but the combo of fruits/granola was mmmmmm) and then picked his friend debbie up and drove to manasquan to spend the day on the beach. HOWEVER, the weather wasn’t very great – hazy and mid-low 70s. but still a lot of fun just talking and hanging out in the sand. we went to a place in point pleasant for an early dinner/late lunch and a couple drinks… called the wharfside. after that, we drove back to hoboken, listening to music and relaxing. we said bye to debbie (loved her!) and went and got froyo. amazing cake batter flavor, mmm.. with coco puffs and fruit loops on top. after, we watched WANDERLUST with his roommates, ordered some food, and passed out.

now it’s monday…. only picture to show for the weekend is this one at la isla:


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